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Aggressive Bear with Crashed Stock Market Graph

23 Sep

A stock market crash can be catastrophic for your personal finances. The best way to protect yourself from a stock market crash is first and foremost by becoming a value investor. Next, you should take the following three concrete steps: Thoroughly Investigate the company’s business model, quality and integrity of its management, company’s past performance

One five hundred rupee note is equal to five one hundred rupee notes. Everything has an intrinsic value. One

22 Sep

Before deciding to buy stocks, an investor first needs to know what is the inherent or the intrinsic value of the share he or she intends to buy. So let us address the concepts one by one.   Intrinsic Value Everything in this world has an inherent value. For example, one 500 rupee note has a value

Financial Freedom Liberates you from Work Slavery

16 Sep

Financial freedom is the ultimate liberation from slavery. Slavery to your job. What a relief it will be when you don’t have to wake up to the alarm, rush through getting ready, having your breakfast, drop your child in school and reach the boring office, abusive boss and the drudgery called the job? I cherish

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