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picture of my portfolio-2K15 of real value investing portfolio of excellent stocks


Here I present my portfolio, which is a real, value investing portfolio of Indian stocks, fixed deposits in banks and other financial assets. I call it “Portfolio 2K15” since I created this portfolio in February 2015. I created this portfolio for teaching value investing to you, my dear audience. As we pursue our value investing journey, we will often refer to this portfolio. We will also continuously share our investment experiences arising from this portfolio in the years to come.


The Beginning

When I started, the Indian stock market was at a high. I could only find a handful of companies fulfilling the value investing criteria and trading below their fair price. Before the stocks, the money was entirely in fixed deposits with banks. Since then stocks slowly gained prominence. Following graphs and table describe year-wise changes:


Financial Year Ending 31st March 2015


Graph shows Portfolio2K15 in the year 2015



Financial Year Ending 31st March 2016




MFs: Mutual Funds

ETFs: Exchange Traded Funds



Financial Year Ending 31st March 2017





Year-wise Data Table and Line Chart


31st March 2015 31st March 2016 31st March 2017
Stocks 4% 26% 36%
MFs and ETFs 0% 3% 2%
MF Linked Life Insurance Policy 0% 0% 11%
Fixed Deposits with Banks 93% 64% 48%
Money in Savings and Current Accounts 3% 7% 3%
Total Investments 100% 100% 100%


Chart showing Changes in Portfolio2K15 in three years

The main trend is the proportion of fixed deposits in banks has come down and the share of stocks has increased. Other components have more or less remained the same.



My Stock Portfolio for the Middle-Class

I built this middle-class portfolio to prove that we can build good stock portfolios with small and humble monthly contributions. I created this portfolio by investing only a small sum of Rs.10000/- to 20,000/- (US$ 150 to 300) a month. Young software/ BPO/ IT Sector employees easily spend this kind of money on weekend parties and movies.

This portfolio has a few brilliant performers, which we will study deeply, example NMDC Ltd. and SJVN Ltd. A few average performers, for example, NLC Ltd. And one stock, Shipping Corporation of India (SCI). SCI has been making losses in the PAST few years. But it is available at an attractive discount to its book value per share.

The portfolio also contains two Index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), namely NIFTY and NIFTY Junior. These are included for comparing our value-investing portfolio to the benchmark indices, over long periods of time.

My posts will often refer to stocks in this portfolio.

Please note that ‘Portfolio 2K15’ is a real and a dynamic portfolio. It will change every month as I make investments adhering to my systematic investment plan (SIP).




Warning About My Portfolio 2K15

I warn you, my readers, that you cannot simply invest in the stocks listed in my portfolio. There is no doubt that all the stocks appearing in the portfolio are good and worth investing in. However, the dynamic market makes them expensive quite often. You simply cannot invest in excellent companies. You have to also invest at a fair price.

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