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SIP or SWP? Which is Better Investment Option? Feature Image

08 Nov

Investors frequently ask me, “SIP or SWP – which is Better Investment Option”? In short, mutual funds create the two products for entirely different situations. A SIP creates wealth. Whereas an SWP breaks down an existing corpus into small, regular payments. The dilemma is similar to, “What is the difference between Dividend and Growth Fund?

Index Fund vs ETF - Feature Image

31 Aug

The question of ‘Index Fund vs ETF – When to Choose One?‘ is an important one. Before diving to answer the question I would like to briefly discuss what the two are and the similarities and differences between them.   A Mutual Fund is an investment scheme. Lay investors who do not possess the required knowledge for

Explains Mutual Fund Concept with People, savings, stocks and bonds

30 Sep

Investors new to the investing arena often wonder what is a mutual fund (MF). In this article, I will explain MFs in some detail.   Definition of Mutual Fund A mutual fund is an investing scheme. Retail investors who do not possess the required knowledge for making direct investments in stocks opt for mutual funds.

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