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Index Fund vs ETF - Feature Image

31 Aug

The question of ‘Index Fund vs ETF – When to Choose One?‘ is an important one. Before diving to answer the question I would like to briefly discuss what the two are and the similarities and differences between them.   A Mutual Fund is an investment scheme. Lay investors who do not possess the required knowledge for

Dividend Policy : Feature Image

22 Aug

The board of directors have the actual power to declare dividends. The board also decides the proportion of profits to be distributed by way dividends. This is the dividend payout ratio. I am a value investor. To me, the dividend is very important. I consider dividend as investor’s wage. Therefore I would like to know what the dividend

what is dividend payout ratio - feature image

19 Aug

I will explain in this article what is dividend payout ratio with meaning, example formula and its importance.   What is Dividend Payout Ratio – Meaning Dividend Payout Ratio measures the proportion of the profits the company distributes to its shareholders as a dividend. The part that is held back is called retained earnings.   Dividend

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