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Stocks You Can Buy in May 2018

15 Jul

“Invest First, Spend Next ” is the golden rule of investing. So, Every month immediately upon receipt of my paycheck I first make investments and then only start spending. I also advise my audience the stocks I have invested in the month. This month ‘May’ is also special. Mother’s Day falls on 13th May 2018.

Shining Indian stocks to buy in July 2018

15 Jul

This month I have focussed on the important measure, the  ‘Return on Equity (ROE)’ for selecting the shining Indian stocks to buy in July 2018. I have used the useful stock filter, ‘Screener.in‘ to find the companies that earn a return on equity of over 15% per annum. My search threw up many new names. But

Just looking at the price is not investing

01 May

I present this article as a commentary on Warren Buffett’s interview for CNBC TV titled, “Just Looking at the Price is Not Investing”. I have also presented the embedded version of the video on YouTube.   Volatility and Fear in the Stock Markets Buffett says that if you own an apartment you don’t get price

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