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Follow the Stock Market Every Day

30 Sep

No, I don’t follow the stock market every day. Of course, I do read about the market, albeit with a bit of amusement, in the newspaper headlines. Financial papers often scream “Market Crash Wipes Out $ 50 billion Investor Wealth”.   Why You Need Not Follow the Stock Market Every Day? My guru Warren Buffett says

Value for Money Stocks September 2018

07 Sep

I present here the ‘Value for Money Stocks September 2018′ I invested in this month.   I have maintained the logic I followed in August 2018 for selection of stocks intact. However, I felt that the allocation of the investible sum of over 70% to Grade A deprived allocation to other equally good stocks languishing in other

Index Fund vs ETF - Feature Image

31 Aug

The question of ‘Index Fund vs ETF – When to Choose One?‘ is an important one. Before diving to answer the question I would like to briefly discuss what the two are and the similarities and differences between them.   A Mutual Fund is an investment scheme. Lay investors who do not possess the required knowledge for

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