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Return on Equity

03 Feb

Return on Equity – Meaning/ Definition Return on Equity (ROE) / Net Worth (RONW)’ is a financial relationship. It measures what a company earned as a profit on its equity capital or net worth. Profit in this definition means the net profit after paying the income tax. ‘Profit After Tax (PAT)‘ is another name for net

value investing webinars

23 Dec

Will value investing webinars help my audience learn the art of investing? I have been pondering over this question for some time now. To place the question in context, for many years now I have been spreading value investing mostly through writing – blogs, investment reports. Of course, I answer questions on this great forum “Quora”. I

SIP or SWP? Which is Better Investment Option? Feature Image

08 Nov

Investors frequently ask me, “SIP or SWP – which is Better Investment Option”? In short, mutual funds create the two products for entirely different situations. A SIP creates wealth. Whereas an SWP breaks down an existing corpus into small, regular payments. The dilemma is similar to, “What is the difference between Dividend and Growth Fund?

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